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The Good Life France Magazine is published 4 times a year and it’s brimming with fabulous features, fantastic photos, scrumptious recipes, guides, giveaways and more.


The current issue is on target to reach more than half a million readers globally, Francophiles, visitors to and those planning to visit France, expats and those dreaming of living in France.


As a Francophile in France, I know what it is we all love about this country I now call home. It’s the people, the food, the diverse landscape, the wine, the sunshine, the French Alps and much, much more and I love to share France with you.

About Me

I’m Janine Marsh. I’m an award winning travel writer, editor and author.

I’m the editor of The Good Life France Magazine (see the latest issue here), and I’m the editor of website I’ve written three best-selling memoirs about my life in the middle of nowhere, rural northern France where I am maid to 72 animals. A bit different from London where I was born. My chickens feel that the most important job I have is to feed and cherish them.

Sometimes I feel like I’m the Forrest Gump of writing. When I’m not writing copy for clients, articles for magazines and newspaper, content for The Good Life France, or books – you’ll find me writing on my social media pages: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And sharing photos of my animals, food, gorgeous little villages and the best of France.

I specialise in writing about everything France – from what to see and do, the fabulous wine and gastronomy, books, language and lifestyle.

If you’d like to talk about working together, get in touch.

My Books

My Good Life in France: In Pursuit of the Rural Dream

One grey dismal day, Janine Marsh was on a trip to northern France to pick up some cheap wine. She returned to England a few hours later having put in an offer on a rundown old barn in the rural Seven Valleys area of Pas de Calais. This was not something she’d expected or planned for.

My Four Seasons in France: A Year of the Good Life

Having overcome the obstacles of starting to renovate her dream home – an ancient, dilapidated barn – and fitting in with the peculiarities of her new neighbours, Janine is now the go-to expat in the area for those seeking to get to grips with a very different way of life.

Toujours la France! Living the Dream in Rural France

Janine and Mark continue their lives in this special part of northern France. With fantastic food, birthday parties, rural traditions old and new – Jean-Claude introduces snail racing to the village – and trouble with uninvited animals, there is never a quiet moment in the Seven Valleys.

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